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Minibus Hire Melbourne - Rental Conditions

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Please check with rental office at time of renting for full conditions of hire.

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Genearl Information
Minibus Hire Melbourne provides statutory limits of liability insurance as shown on the rental agreement at time of rental. Please contact your rental location if you reqire additional information.

The renter is responsible for all damage to or theft of Minibus Hire Melbourne vehicles as described in the Minibus Hire Melbourne rental agreement. For an additional fee, Minibus Hire Melbourne will reduce the renter’s responsibility through the purchase of Excess Reduction Insurance at the time of rental. Please contact your rental location for additional information.

In some cases, renters may be covered for loss or damage to the rental vehicle by their personal insurance or charge card. Such coverage may contain a deductible or may not be primary. Please check with your insurance company or charge card company before you rent.

Rate basis
Rates are based on 24 hour periods and generally include limited kilometres. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to unlimited kilometres and reduce insurance excesses. Please discuss your requirements at time of hire.
Age Restrictions

The following individuals, if 21 years of age or older and in possession of a valid driver’s licence, may drive the vehicle with Minibus Hire Melbournes' prior permission:

  • Renter’s employer (while on company business)
  • Renter’s fellow employee (while on company business)
  • Renter’s spouse or partner

Additional drivers are considered “authorised drivers” provided full details are supplied and driver's licence is valid. Other individuals may be listed as additional drivers provided they are at least 25 years of age; present a valid driver’s licence and complete an additional driver form. Age excess apply to drivers where applicable and additional fees may be payable.

Drivers Licence
A valid driver's licence is required for all operators of Minibus Hire Melbourne vehicles. The licence must be valid at the time of commencing the rental and remain valid throughout the rental period.

Driver's licences accepted in Australia are:

  • any licence issued by any Australian state or territory
  • a licence issued by a US State, territory or possession
  • a licence issued by a country that participated in the 1949 Geneva convention on Road Traffic or the 1943 Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American Automobile Traffic

International Driver's Permits are only valid if presented with the original local Foreign Country Licence in English translation and stamped by the relevant authority. Individuals with Learner's Permits, Provisional or Probationary licenses may not operate Minibus Hire Melbourne vehicles. Minibus Hire Melbourne is unable to rent a car to anyone with a suspended, revoked, expired, cancelled or surrendered driver's licence.

Each operator of the Minibus Hire Melbourne vehicle must be a licensed driver with a valid driver's licence in his/her possession at all times while operating the Minibus Hire Melbourne vehicle. All renters and additional drivers must present their valid licence at the time of rental. For more information please contact Minibus Hire Melbourne.

Distance Charges
All rentals include a minimum of 100 kilometres per day unless otherwise indicated or agreed at time of rental. It is possible to remove the mileage restriction through payment of an additional fee.
A bond map apply at delivery by way of credit card imprint or cash dependent upon level of insurance liability selected at time of rental.
Payment methods
Cash, cheques (cleared in advance), most credit cards and EFTPOS.
Vehicle Usage Restrictions
Specific restrictions may apply to the use of rented vehicles on gravel and dirt roads. An additional excess applies if the vehicle is damaged whilst driven on un-sealed surfaces. Please check for full details at time of rental.
Rate Guarantee
The reservation is confirmed according to the details agreed upon at time of making booking. Any changes to dates, times and vehicle type may cause the rate to change.
Holding Vehicles

Rental is deemed to commence from the actual reserved time. We will make available the vehicle confirmed for a period of up to 2 hours after the scheduled arrival time. Please notify us, by calling our office, of any delays prior to the time of arrival. Failure to advise late arrival may result in the release of the vehicle and/or forfeit of monies paid.

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